Welcome to the Process System Performance Blog.

We are excited to finally launch “The Process System Performance Blog”, and happy to have you as a reader. We hope to create a space where oil and gas professionals come to learn new stuff and share their knowledge. Why? Because we believe that you, like us, want to grow as a professional and maximize your value to your company.

Do you wonder what you can expect from our blog? And how the information here differs from the information you may find elsewhere on the internet? 

Please read on.


The audience

The content on this blog is crafted for oil and gas professionals throughout the global industry. For the first coming months, the blog content will be primarily focused on knowledge articles for instrumentation engineers.

Free Checklist: How to design your oil and water separator

To meet your high expectations, we have carefully chosen some of our most specialized resources and sharpest minds to contribute as authors.

This blog will give our customers and other stakeholders a unique opportunity to take part in Sentech’s experience and knowledge, accumulated since the company was established in 1995.



We know that high performance and expertise is crucial to our customers. Therefore, we have chosen to introduce this blog with a series of articles related to separator performance and instrumentation technologies in particular, for example:

Attached to every article, you will find pieces of in-depth knowledge you can download for free, like this checklist:

About every four week from now, our experts will continue to publish knowledge articles to the blog.


What can you expect from this Blog?

As we continue to build this blog, we will create specific content on a wider range of topics within optimization of Process System Performance, so you can learn more about the latest technology, research and tips which may be crucial to your business.

Sentech provide highly accurate, robust and versatile measurement solutions for the oil and gas and processing industries. Thus, a blog like this may also become a place to interact with our customers and business partners and to take your feedback into consideration as we move into the future - with new and better products and services.

We sincerely hope you will visit The Process System Performance Blog regularly, and please feel free to contact us if you want more information!

I encourage you to subscribe and engage in discussions around the comments field below or on LinkedIn.

Thank you for reading the blog, and thus help build a better industry focused on the most important aspect of our industry - to produce oil and gas as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible.  


 Morten Halleraker

Morten Halleraker.
CEO, Sentech AS

PS) You may also want to have a look at this free report:


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